Up to $350 in savings on Tips and PCR Plates

384 Well Bundle


Save up to $350 (vs. purchasing separately)

Bundles Include:  

100 Qty 384 well PCR Plates

50 racks of 384 ExpellPlus Pipette Tips

384-well Product features

384-well Pipette Tips: 

Specifically designed to perfectly fit the Capp 16, 48 and 64 multichannel manual pipettes and Axygen 16 channel pipette. Due to special polymers and an extremely smooth inside surface, the ExpellPlus tips virtually eliminate sample retention, and keep the binding of DNA, RNA and Proteins to a minimum.  The range includes a filter tip version to effectively prevent cross contamination due to aerosol formation (such as DNA), and dangers from toxic, infectious, radioactive or other hazardous material’s carry over.

384-well PCR Plates:

Available in natural, opaque black and opaque white.  The skirted, thin walled plate have a well capacity of 40ul for reaction volumes of 2ul-30ul with cylindrical walls extending above theplate.   The plates are skirted to allow bar coding on sides for identification and also to make it compatible with automated fluid handling systems. Holes on sides allow for precise and accurate plate positioning and removal.  An alphanumeric grid helps in locating the sample. Two corners of the plate are cut away to facilitate orientation.   Compatible with automated fluid handling systems and standard multichannel pipettes.  Precision molded polypropylene to ensure well to well and plate to plate uniformity. Autoclavable. Packed in tamperproof resealable bags of 10 plates.