More Working Volume Choices for Sample Storage

Deep Well Plates


BioBlock™ Deep Well Plates

Made of polypropylene.

These specially designed 384-well non-sterile deep well plates are available in 3 models from a working volume of 120µl to 400µl. They conform to the SBS standard footprint and are identical in size to 384-well microtiter plates. Will withstand temperatures up to 121°C and are fully compatible with deep-freezing work, down to -196 °C. All plates offer an alphanumeric grid to help in sample identification. To facilitate orientation, a corner of the plate is cut away. To save space on freezer shelves and on lab benches, they are easily stackable. They can also withstand centrifugation up to 6000xg by using microtiter plate rotors.  All models are DMSO resistant (except T110-6).

Applications are endless. Designed for high-throughput screening, they are well suited for combinatorial chemistry. They are just the right size for sample, perfect for general procedures requiring a mother plate, DNA sequencing, ELISA, cell and tissue culture applications.