Highest quality dyes in a wide range of spectra.

RadiantDy™ Fluorescent Dyes

Description RadiantDy™ Fluorescent Dyes

The production of new chromophores has extensively changed the possibilities for detection of biomolecules and their interaction, enabling previously impossible insights to be made. The RadiantDy™ fluorescent dyes are of incredible quality and available for special order in a wide range of excitation and emission spectra from 400-800nm, including megastokes dyes and quenchers. Download the RadiantDy™ pdf for a listing of all available fluorescent dyes.  Each RadiantDy™ is available with multiple modifications including NHS esters, maleimides and hydrazides.  The increased water solubility of RadiantDy™ fluorescent dyes allows a high label to protein ratio without precipitation during the conjugation reaction.


  • Fluorescence microscopy:  Fluorescent labels with distinguishable spectral characteristics are versatile tools for multicolor detection formats. Labeled secondary antibodies as well as small haptenes like biotin or phalloidine can be used to investigate processes at cellular level.
  • Microarrays: The differential analysis of gene expression is on the way to become a versatile tool in drug development and medical diagnostics. Dye pair DY-547/DY-647 fits well the optics of common scanners and can be used effectively.
  • Imaging:  In vivo imaging allows a noninvasive insight into living organisms and helps to understand metabolic processes and disease related changes in the body.  Standard multicolor scanners allow the detection of two distinguishable emission signals and work usually in the wavelength range between 532 and 635 nm. Deeper insight / more colors can be obtained with additional excitation sources either in the upper or lower wavelength region.
  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer:  FRET or Foerster transfer) allows the study of molecular interactions in the lower nanometer range. A variety of donor/acceptor pairs are available, e.g. DY-630/DY-675.