Capp Mechanical Repeater and Capp Pipette Controller with Serological Pipettes

Specialty Pipettes

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Capp Rhythm Mechanical Repeater
The Capp Rhythm repeater provides reliable ergonomics for your lab routine without sacrificing ultimate precision.  This lightweight repeater covers the complete set of dispensing volumes, 1ul - 50ml with single-handed volume selection, loading and dispensing and comes with a one year warranty. The Rhythm repeater accepts not only the Capp brand of syringe tips but also most major brands of repeater tips.

The precise repeating syringes are available in 8 sizes from 50ul(1=1ul) to 50ml and come in individually wrapped sterile packaging.  These tips are designed to fit the Capp Rhythm repeater as well as many other brands of manual repeating pipettes.  These syringes provide quality and a value solution to one's repeating needs.


Capp Pipette Controller and Serological Pipettes

CappAid™ Motorized Pipette Controller accommodates glass or plastic pipettes ranging from 100ul to 100ml and it features a powerful lithium battery with a life of 12 hours of continual use.  It has a dispense selection of gravity and blow-out with a fully adjustable speed setting.  It is designed so that it can be placed on the bench top with the pipette mounted - without the pipette touching the bench.  The CappAid™ is UV resistant and has a fully autoclavable nose piece.  It comes with an exchangeable 0.2um PTFE disc filter and has a protecting design for venting out corrosive liquids or fumes.

Capp Serological Pipettes - These pipettes are designed for accurate(1-2%) and rapid fluid dispensing.    They are made from transparent polystyrene, sterilized by gamma irradiation, tested for endotoxins, cytotoxicity and guaranteed non-hemolytic.  Supplied in sterile individually wrapped, pyrogen free they are cotton plugged for a variety of liquid handling applications.  The pipettes are manufactured with a uniform mouth piece designed to fit all brands motorized pipette controllers and are color coded for easy identification.