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GeneReleaser® is a five-minute protocol that provides PCR Ready DNA/RNA quickly, yielding faster, simpler and more reliable PCR results than other reagents and negates the need for purifying DNA/RNA. GeneReleaser® is composed of proprietary polymeric materials, which quickly facilitate the release of DNA from cells or other materials containing genetic materials in a form suitable for PCR amplification. GeneReleaser® also segregates inhibitors released during lysis, along with preservation agents that may interfere with amplification. Most critically, it consistently provides amplifiable nucleic acids from minute amounts of material, consequently conserving often precious or rare sample materials.

GeneReleaser® achieves lysis, releasing the DNA/RNA from the sample directly in the amplification tube on a thermocycler within minutes; this time frame can be shortened using a microwave protocol. Full protocols for DNA/RNA preparation from diverse types of samples, including:

 blood, serum/plasma            fresh, frozen and paraffin embedded tissues                  bacteria and yeast            

 soil and plant tissue              bronchoalveolar lavage and sputum specimines          cerebrospinal fluid and synovial fluid     

 hepatitis virus                         mycobacterium tuberculosis                                              dental plaque, saliva and throat swabs

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Top Features of GeneReleaser®

  • Our longtime customers tell us their favorite feature of GeneReleaser® is it's ability to perform "one tube" extractions. This is carried out by placing the experimental sample in an amplification tube, adding GeneReleaser®, following the thermocycler or microwave procedure, adding master mix, then amplifying the reaction in the same tube. "One tube" extraction saves time, reduces costs, and minimizes the possibility of contamination.
  • Samples can be PCR ready in as little as 5 minutes using the microwave protocol and 10 minutes using the thermocycler protocol.
  • GeneReleaser® allows for use of samples as small as 1ul of blood, 1mm sections of tissue, and 5ul of serum.
  • Simple protocol