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Multi Channel Pipettes

Description Capp® Product Guide 2012

Capp Multi-Channel Pipettes are available in 8, 12, 16 channels as well as an unprecedented 48 and 64 channel.

The unique design of the Capp Multichannel pipettes sensationally reduces the thumb workload by up to 70% compared to other manual pipettes. Ejection is simply a matter of applying light pressure to the levered ejector arm.
Capp Multi-Channel pipettes guarantees single channel accuracy and precision across all channels due to the special design and construction of the Capp piston assembly. The incredibly robust and fully autoclavable pipette body offers easy maintenance. The use of anodized aluminum and metal nose  cones instead of plastic ones  substantially reduce incidence of breakage due to accidental dropping and  tips mounting.  The majority of internal construction parts are made of light weight metal components and along with stainless steel pistons ensure a highly robust performance for ultimate stability overtime    in terms of accuracy and precision. This smart and highly ergonomic pipette is built to last.

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