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Pipette Accessories

Description Capp® Product Guide 2012

From pipette stands to laboratory timers, we offer everything to meet your pipetting needs, featuring CappOrigami™ reagent reservoirs.

CappOrigami™ represents a new way of thinking when it comes to reagent reservoirs. Its shape, along with the stiffness of the material used, ensures that the reservoir consistently forms a sharp V-shape at the bottom. They are packed, shipped and stored as flat sheets. To use, simply flick it up by pushing the sides together.

Capp exchangeable variable and fixed volume knob for Capp brand pipettes offer a great cost savings solution for those labs who pipette in just a few set volumes the majority of the time.  The fixed volume knobs allow your variable volume single-channel Capp pipette to convert to a fixed volume pipette without the expense of purchase a complete pipette.