Winter Special: 384 Well Plate Bundle

Price: $235

Item No: T110-7 Bundle


Size: 24 Plates/24 Blue Mat Covers


Our 384 Well Plate Bundle Includes:


T110-7 Deep Well Plates:

Working Volume: 400 ul

Plate Dimensions: 127.8mm x 85.5mm x 41.6mm high

Features:  384 square wells with round bottom to minimuze wicking

Made of polypropylene. They conform to the SBS standard footprint and are identical in size to 384-well microtiter plates. Will withstand temperatures up to 121°C and are fully compatible with deep-freezing work, down to -196 °C. All plates offer an alphanumeric grid to help in sample identification. To facilitate orientation, a corner of the plate is cut away. To save space on freezer shelves and on lab benches, they are easily stackable. They can also withstand centrifugation up to 6000xg by using microtiter plate rotors.  It is perfect for compound storage and handling of biological samples. Suitable to be used with DMSO and biological buffers. 




T110-37 Blue Mat Covers:


Made of thermoplastic rubber and will resist temperatures from -170 °C to +121 °C.

Compatible with 120ul, 200ul and 400ul 384-well deep well plates

Mat Covers for 384-well Deep Well Plates, these mat covers are made of a specially formulated plastic ensuring great flexibility. They allow for maximum sample volume in each well. They are resistant to DMSO and biological buffers.