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About Us

Throughout human history the great explorers have turned their attentions toward the universe around us, the world beneath us and the territory within the human body itself. Today, we forge ahead in exploring perhaps the most challenging universe of all. The examination of the very foundation of life - the Genetic Universe.

Exploration into this new molecular frontier will alter forever how we perceive the world and will carry science and mankind to a level that could only previously be imagined. We, at BioVentures, feel privileged to be a part of such a significant time in mankind's history of discovery. We hope that you will allow us to partner with you and supply those tools that will aid and guide you on your journey of discovery. Let us continue in the tradition of those that have gone before us and courageously seek to define that which is unknown and to bring it into the light of knowledge.

We honor the explorer in all of you!

Along the way, we dedicate our efforts to key success criteria:

  • Innovation - Creativity - Leadership
  • Developing and producing products that exceed both delivery and quality expectations
  • Offering products and services that are unmatched for value and reliability
  • Outpacing the competition with quality products
  • Providing custom solutions

At BioVentures, we create our products to meet customer requirements with exacting standards, ensuring solutions that meet cost objectives as well as critical performance targets. We develop more products for more platforms that any other competitor in the world. Our production facilities and procedures are vendor inspected for compliance with ISO and GMP. We, at BioVentures, are committed to rigid quality control standards that will ensure reaching our most important goal - Customer Satisfaction!

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