Introducing The CAPP Rondo Microcentrifuge!

    Power and Flexibility At Your Fingertips! The CAPP Rondo Microcentrifuge features: Brushless DC motor to enhance performance, durability and provide whisper quiet operation, Digital Display, Auto-calibrating microprocessor, Electronic brake for immediate stop on lid opening, and MORE! Max speed - 6000 rpm or 2000 x g Capacity of 8 1.5/2mL tubes and 2 strip tubes INTRODUCTORY OFFER! Buy One. Get One FREE!

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    Get A FREE 16 Channel Pipette!

    Buy 1 Case (50 Racks/Case) of 384LC (5030005C) or 384LFC (5030006C) and Get A FREE 16-Channel CappAero Pipette! ExpellPlus tips are specifically designed to perfectly fit the Capp range of 384 well pipettes. Due to special polymers and an extremely smooth inside surface, the ExpellPlus tips from Capp virtually eliminate sample retention, and reduce the binding of DNA, RNA and Proteins to a minimum.

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    Custom MapMarker® Design Tool

    MapMarker® DNA sizing standards are sets of high quality fluorescently labeled DNA fragments designed to provide accurate base calling and precision sizing of samples. Compatible with the most commonly used fluorescent-based separation instruments systems, including capillary-based gel electrophoresis genetic analysis systems.

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    Evolution-ary Deal! BOGO Special-Multi-Channel Pipettes

    Buy One, Get One FREE on our Evolution Multi-Channel Pipettes, including 8 and 12 channel options. The Evolution pipettes excel in user friendly features that make pipetting effortless, less time consuming and a delight.

    Evolution Multi-Channel Pipettes

    Evolution-ary Deal Expanded! BOGO Special Added To Include Single Channel Pipettes!

    Expanding the Evolution-ary Deal to include our Evolution Single Channel Pipettes! Buy One, Get One FREE! Click below and get 2 for only $180!

    Evolution Single-Channel Pipettes

    OneHand™ Microtube Racks-Rainbow Bundle

    Simplicity. Efficiency. Organization. It is all right at your fingertips with our OneHand™ Microtube Racks. Special Offer--Save 25%!

    Rainbow Bundle